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We are proud of the fact, that we are Novell certified. Novell has been an industry leader in local and wide area networks, for many years. Recently, a study showed that Novell is utilized by 81% of Fortune 500 companies.

Network Services is also very well versed in Windows NT Server. We have designed and implemented NT networks, which run in a mission critical environment. One such company is Micro Warranty Services.  In fact, their network utilized Novell 4.x, Microsoft  NT 4, Peer-To-Peer, and OS2 Warp simultaneously. The company relies on our network to perform flawlessly day in, and day out. Here is what they say about us:


"..thanks for your company's effort in the design and implementation of our network. As you know, our business is totally dependant on the availability and performance of our network.  We have .....  had nothing but exceptional results. Thanks again for a job well done!"

Jerry Zvonecek
Chief Executive Officer

Another customer of ours, approached us because they needed to have Internet access, at each of their desktop PC's.   Network Services designed a network, and implemented the necessary access, so  that every user in the office can browse the network, at a blazing speed. This network has worked flawlessly to this day.  Here is what they say about us:

"Network Services has been our network lifesaver . . professional, fast and courteous. Network Services is the best business tool I have found. Thanks Network Services ...
Flag Ship Marketing, Inc.

As you can see, our customers value our services, and rely heavily on our ability to provide them with fast, reliable solutions, to run their day to day business.
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